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Mit LM-Sensors lassen sich Temperaturen, Lüfterdrehzahlen, Spannungen und einige weitere Informationen des Mainboards auslesen. Um die Lüfterdrehzahl zu verändern, siehe Artikel Lüftersteuerung. Die Installation und Einrichtung von LM-Sensors gestaltet sich unter Ubuntu relativ einfach. List of package versions for project lm-sensors in all repositories lm-sensors package versions - Repology Please support Richard M. Stallman, free software movement activist, founder of GNU project and Free Software Foundation , during ongoing attempt to defame and displace him. Se hela listan på wiki.archlinux.jp We have an excellent program that scans all your hardware. It is called sensors-detect and is part of the lm-sensors package, available with all major distributions.

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lm_sensors-libs - Lm_sensors core libraries. Ebben a videóban nagy vonalakban elregélem, hogyan kell újrapasztázni egy asztali PC-t és hogy közben mikre kell odafigyelni.Kövess más platformokon is!‣Twit Exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) systems are vital to internal combustion engines. The EGR system is responsible for reducing the nitrogen oxide emissions caused by the gas. Cars have come a long way from the days of Ford’s Model T, and car sensors have played a key part in that evolution. Where cars once relied solely on mechanical and electro-mechanical systems to keep the engine and everything else functioni Light Sensor: We will be making a light sensor. This inscrutable will teach you how to turn on and off a LED with the amount of ambient light in the room. This project will open up the world of microcontrollers.

my $bc_sensor_table = ""; # sensor table linux : Net-SNMP with LM-SENSORS : temp, fan, volt, misc. -F, --fan=. ED sensor (ljus) utanpåliggande LM Circle manöverpanel kvadratisk vägginfälld DALI styrdon (LM-buss, sensor, tryckknapp, strömställare), DIN-skena.

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Hello,. I installed lm_sensors on Centos 7. I run "sudo sensors-detect" and answered it each time with  You may have use for sensors-detect once in your lifetime but it's not very likely.

Lm sensors

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It allows you to access information from temperature, voltage, and fan speed sensors.

On CentOS or RedHat Enterprise, you can easily install the software using Yum as followed : You have searched for packages that names contain lm-sensors in all suites, all sections, and all architectures.
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Lm sensors

lm/W: 122. MacAdam: Step 3. NS61 gives you the greatest achievable energy savings in an office or school. src/glade/psensor.glade:225 73 msgid "Sensor" 74 msgstr "Sensor" support of lm-sensors" 253 msgstr "Aktivera stöd för lm-sensors" 254  Comment[sv]=Ett trevligt gränssnitt mot lmsensors för TDE. GenericName=Lm-Sensors Frontend. DocPath=ksensors/index.html.

The lm-sensors is a very useful tool for performing hardware health checks.However, due to the poor CLI interface, most users prefer GUI-based applications. However, lm-sensor can be configured to use GUI tools such as sensors-applet, psensor which is a GTK application that shows the graphs of CPU, HDD temperature, fan speeds etc. lm-sensors can be further configured to control the system fans The lm_sensors is a service, set up to monitor hardware like CPU temperature or fan speed.
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# sensors-detect.