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Many such readings have been made, particularly discovering an impotence complex or fear of castration (on the part of either Gogol or Kovalev). The nose seems to be paying social calls. Kovalev tries to talk to the nose, explaining the problem, but the nose dismisses him haughtily and takes its leave. Kovalev then attempts to place an advertisement with a newspaper about his lost nose, but he is told that the paper cannot publish advertisements for satire or curiosities such as his nose. Major Kovalev wakes up one morning to discover that his nose has run away.

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Övers. En dåres anteckningar – Gogol goes Ga-​Ga. Övers. Ivnev, Rjurik, pseud. för Michail Aleksandrovič Kovalev, 1891-1981.

Kovalev accuses me of running away, and I pretend to not know what he’s talking about. I tell him that I am not his nose, and that we’re not related because according to our dress, he appears to be employed by the Senate, whereas I work in science. This interpretation is consistent with Gogol’s belief that the nose is the most important part of a person’s anatomy.

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av: Vladimir A. Kovalev, William E. Eichinger. 15 feb. 2014 — som skulle få efterföljare som García Márquez, Gogol och Almqvist. näsa identifieras med samma saklighet som kollegieassessor Kovalev.

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Han lämnade bara en "jämn plats". Kovalev rusar i panik till olika myndighetsrepresentanter för att lösa denna situation, men alla skryter av det, för saken verkar vara extremt märklig och oseriös. Kovalev goes to the police, but the inspector there just reams him out for interrupting dinner.

Kovalev goes to the police, but the inspector there just reams him out for interrupting dinner. At home, Kovalev is about to give up when a cop shows up with the nose in a handkerchief. Kovalev is psyched, but the nose won't stick back on his face. ‎Hear it! or Subscribe! We are adapting Gogol's The Nose for podcast. Things lulled for a while, but the pace races on as we approach our miraculous conclusion.
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This last one is particularly funny, as Kovalev’s pride demands that he cannot let his name go into the paper. Instead, he falls back onto his acquaintances. Gogol, whose Petersburg Stories consist of several works, presents the following story to the reader's judgment, he is called "The Nose." Story about the missing part of the body.

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