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Real-property owners living abroad. Moving abroad. Retrieve company information. Knapp Congestion tax. Contact about congestion tax.

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Visit the agency’s website for more information and to register: Försäkringskassan. Moving to Sweden. A video by the Swedish Tax Agency, Skatteverket Once you’ve got a job in Sweden (see Finding a job in Sweden and How to apply for a job in Sweden) and a work permit (see Obtaining a work permit), it’s time to start planning your move. Our 10-step guide takes you through some of the practicalities to keep in mind.

Försäkringskassan will determine whether you are covered by Swedish social insurance.

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Are you new in Sweden or considering moving to this Nordic country? This practical guide is designed to Omslagsbild: Hej, det är från Försäkringskassan! av  fyllt 65 år, pensionärsintyg från Pensionsmyndigheten, eller giltigt intyg från Försäkringskassan för sjuk-, aktivitets- eller handikappersättning. Foto: Visit Sweden/ Ola Ericson man kan anlita.

Försäkringskassan moving to sweden

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This is almost always step one for … The person that is moving out to other country should fill out and send us form 5459 (Information. Moving to or working in another country). Försäkringskassan will determine whether you are covered by Swedish social insurance. You can send us the form online on Mina Sidor.

Pensions from Sweden. Real-property owners living abroad. Moving abroad. Retrieve company Thank you for your post!
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Försäkringskassan moving to sweden

In order for your family to be granted residence cards you must be able to demonstrate that you meet the requirements for right of residence in Sweden through work, studies or with sufficient means. is a portal for people who are new in Sweden. You will be able to quickly and easily find information about the Swedish society. Moving to Sweden to start a business; Living in Sweden Starting. about the Swedish Social Insurance Agency (Försäkringskassan) and what help is available.

In Sweden, for example, that authority is Försäkringskassan. Försäkringskassan issues A1 certificates for persons who are to belong to the Swedish social insurance scheme while working abroad. Outside of the EU, other certificates are available for the countries with which Sweden has entered into conventions on social insurance.
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Read more about how to apply for a permit for studies or to work as a doctoral student. Social insurance system (Försäkringskassan) When you work in Sweden, your employer is required to pay social security contributions for the work you perform here.